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About Welsh Genealogy Services.

L&J Research.

Welsh Genealogy Service is offered by Jennie Newman.

Jennie, has been involved in family history research for over 15 years, and is passionate about Family History and believes that most people are interested in their own ancestral history.

A few years ago, Jennie was filmed on BBC Wales TV with the internationally known singer Petula Clark CBE who during the War, lived in Abercanaid near Merthyr Tydfil. Jennie had researched Petula Clark's family history for the programme. The singer returned to the South Wales valleys to rediscover her roots for the series. 'Pet' and her sister had been sent to stay with her grandparents and aunt and uncle, because of the London blitz.

Jennie was seen once more in July that year on HTV Wales, as she starred again as the background genealogist in 'Family Tree Detectives'.

Many years ago, when Jennie started family history research, there were very few indexes available, and once the General Register Office Index of Birth Marriage and Death had been investigated one was faced with un-indexed census searches, with little idea in which part of the village, town or city the family would appear. It was hard and tiring work searching through the parish registers and censuses.

Jennie's thoroughness in her work has now been recognized and she now undertakes work for Fraser and Fraser - which run Heir Hunters UK - who search for missing heirs and unknown beneficiaries all over the world.

CD Indexes by Family Historians for Family Historians

Why CD Indexes and why this website?

Trying to locate the census pages and other documents containing records of your ancestors can be difficult. If you able to find the district, sub-district or street, your task is made so much easier.

However, you may not always know where in a town your ancestors lived — looking through hundreds of pages of hand-written parish register documents can be a daunting task; that is, if in the first place you are able to easily access the Record Office or Libraries in the county of research.

Lost that marriage of ancestors? What a great advantage it is to know that the Glamorgan registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths are indexed and available for you to browse at home.

This is why our CDs of Indexes to many records are invaluable. Try them and discover for yourself the ease in which you are able to find your family and from these indexes move on to further research.

Our website is here to help you easily and simply to access the many CD Indexes that we have provided. We aim to provide high quality, efficient and customer focused services for family, community and local historians, which help to improve the quality of the hobby we share with you.

Jennie Newman of L & J Research, the Welsh Genealogy Service, is here to assist you.


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