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Welsh Registration Districts.

List of Places within Registration Districts

The sub-districts shown below, cover the localities, towns and villages as described but because of the many boundary changes over the years some of the records are held at other register offices in the area.

This happened similarly,to some towns or localities which were located on the borders of two or more sub-districts.  For example records,may be held by the Registrar for Caerphilly or the Registrar for Merthyr Tydfil for a particular period and although all registers were supposed to have been moved to the new registration office with a boundary change, this has not proved to have been the case.

For another explanation of this please see National Statistics - Registration Districts where an excellent map of the England and Wales districts can be found.

Places within Registration Districts

Registration of Dates and Births in the various sub districts of Cardiff – Registers held in Cardiff Registry Office

Penarth Sub district

Barry Sub District

Registration of Birth and date in various sub districts where registers are held in the  Registry Offices listed below

Barry Registry Office where the registers are held

Penarth sub District

Whitchurch and Rhiwbina Sub District

Rumney Sub District

Llandaff Sub district

St. Athan Sub District

St. Nicholas/Barry Sub District

Cowbridge Sub District

Caerphilly Registry Office where registers are held

Registration of Birth and dates in various sub districts

Bridgend Registry Office where registers are held

Newport Registry Office where registers are held

St. Athan Sub District

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